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Image by Jon Tyson

Loss of Time 

Loss of Time-Video highlights:

Patient's lives can feel consumed by their illness because of the following:

  • Doctors appointments.

  • Hospitalizations.

  • Frequency of medication treatments.

  • Worsening health.

  • Daily symptom monitoring. 

  • Dietary restrictions.

  • Missed family events. 


Strategies with patients should focus on the decrease of time conflicts. 

Possible social work interventions with patients : 

  • Multiple appointments in a day.

  • Virtual appointments.

"My friends called and want to plan a day to hang out, but it seems I always have an appointment."

The frequency and intensity of treatments may limit a patient's ability to travel for leisure or special family events.


Brainstorming with patients on how tools like technology- like Facetime to see family.  


Many of our patients' lives have been significantly changed by their illness.


Our role is not to always offer a "solution" to their situation but allow them to express and feel all their emotions. 

Image by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

"I thought when I retired I was going to travel the world, instead I just travel back and forth to doctors." 

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